My New Years Reminder List.

So it turns out that I have a few little pieces squirrelled away on my phone, tucked away for another day. I am also confessing that I wrote this 12 months ago (WHAT!!!). Maybe we need a little refresh and reminder with these little points I’ve made. I’m sure I could do with these and putting them into practise.

So we all look towards the new year with a fresh start and lease of life, goals are made and to be honest broken, lists are written in hope that you loose or gain something.
I completely believe in a clean slate and new beginnings when a brand new year starts but maybe with a little less pressure. I’d rather remind myself of the little things that mean a lot to me than set goals, in which I feel weigh me down. Trying to change my life in a dramatic way will only lead to a confused and most probably more discombobulated me. I need to remain realistic but with a hint of daring, adventurous within my limits and most importantly take a breathe and take it all in. Last year flew by, my children have grown too quickly as I’m sure yours have too. Let’s stop and just rethink a little, tie your hair up, cross your legs and get comfy –

Take a breathe when all gets too much.

Be brave, push yourself and try new things. That’s… if you want to.

Have fun with your family where and whenever possible.

Be kind to everyone, and teach your children the same.

Be realistic, don’t set silly goals that may lead to disappointment.

Be true, don’t change, your little people love you for who you are.

Be calm, getting cross is the easy option.

Sometimes change is good.

Make time for those who matter, even if it’s just a little message to let them know you miss them.

It’s ok to get things wrong, practice makes prefect. You can start again tomorrow.

Self Care, even a little soak in the bath can restore all.

Sometimes this is all better said than done and in the general whirlwind of life these things can be forgotten. Personally I’m going to try and make this my way new way of thinking. Not giving it a second thought and retuning how I approach and deal with what gets throws at me (sometimes literally!).
We’re all trying our best and sometimes I think I try too hard to get it right, leaving me in a frazzle! With a clearer head it amazing what you achieve… now where’s the remote? Xxx


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