My New Years Reminder List.

So it turns out that I have a few little pieces squirrelled away on my phone, tucked away for another day. I am also confessing that I wrote this 12 months ago (WHAT!!!). Maybe we need a little refresh and reminder with these little points I’ve made. I’m sure I could do with these and putting them into practise.

So we all look towards the new year with a fresh start and lease of life, goals are made and to be honest broken, lists are written in hope that you loose or gain something.
I completely believe in a clean slate and new beginnings when a brand new year starts but maybe with a little less pressure. I’d rather remind myself of the little things that mean a lot to me than set goals, in which I feel weigh me down. Trying to change my life in a dramatic way will only lead to a confused and most probably more discombobulated me. I need to remain realistic but with a hint of daring, adventurous within my limits and most importantly take a breathe and take it all in. Last year flew by, my children have grown too quickly as I’m sure yours have too. Let’s stop and just rethink a little, tie your hair up, cross your legs and get comfy –

Take a breathe when all gets too much.

Be brave, push yourself and try new things. That’s… if you want to.

Have fun with your family where and whenever possible.

Be kind to everyone, and teach your children the same.

Be realistic, don’t set silly goals that may lead to disappointment.

Be true, don’t change, your little people love you for who you are.

Be calm, getting cross is the easy option.

Sometimes change is good.

Make time for those who matter, even if it’s just a little message to let them know you miss them.

It’s ok to get things wrong, practice makes prefect. You can start again tomorrow.

Self Care, even a little soak in the bath can restore all.

Sometimes this is all better said than done and in the general whirlwind of life these things can be forgotten. Personally I’m going to try and make this my way new way of thinking. Not giving it a second thought and retuning how I approach and deal with what gets throws at me (sometimes literally!).
We’re all trying our best and sometimes I think I try too hard to get it right, leaving me in a frazzle! With a clearer head it amazing what you achieve… now where’s the remote? Xxx


Kit and Kin Review


So the joyous ritual of nappy changing has been one that brings many different feelings to me… sometimes shock, sometimes despair, sometimes high amusement. But I’d say through all of these feelings there has always been a niggle in the back of my mind, a little niggle of guilt. In all honesty I’ve been brushing the dreadful facts of disposable nappies under the crumb ridden rug.

I have used cloth and have had my ups and downs, mainly using in the summer when Sonny wears less clothes and can be pottering around at home. But for ease and mainly convenience I have used supermarket nappies for both of my children. The thought gives me the heebie-jeebies when I think of how many nappies we have gone through. Where are they now?

Is now the time to start being responsible for my actions as a mother and the long term effects my lifestyle leaves with the planet? Especially as we now know so much more about our precious world and how something that seems so small to us can have dire consequences on nature and the environment as a whole.

Coming across a company that focuses its aim on making nappies and baby products that are far better for our environment and cruelty free is a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I realise there have been other companies around but this one has sure enough grabbed my attention and I’m so pleased it has!

Drum roll please…

Kit and Kin are an eco-friendly company that provide nappies, and other cruelty free products designed for mother and babe. Their real magic lies with their nappies, that are far more kinder to the planet than your normal disposable one. Instead of taking 500 years to biodegrade!!! (Yes that’s right!) These little beauties only take 3-6 years, plus they come in the most ridiculously cute designs for your baby’s butt ranging from a fox to a panda!


I have been using these nappies for a number of weeks now and they are definitely built to survive my terror tots rambunctious rampaging, without any leaks or escaping surprises. Winner all round! His skin is happy and so is my conscience. I also realise that the price difference between these nappies and a “normal” brand is something that people would think about, but for me that little bit extra a month I have to pay for the much shorter time my nappies sit on the planet is worth it to me.


There are a load of purchasing options with their products, from bundles to even a monthly subscription, where you receive a month’s supply of nappies delivered free to your door. Every 10 subscribers leads to an acre of rainforest being protected through The World Land Trust, a charity that prides itself on preserving land in order to protect vulnerable species in the wild.

This company also has a co-founder like no other… in the shape of ‘Baby Spice’ herself Emma Bunton (she was always my fav!). What a babe!!!

Finding a new product that puts your mind at ease with being environmentally friendly as well as practical and hard wearing is just wonderful! Kit and Kin, you’re magic and you’ve made me love my boys scrummy butt even more!!!



Take Care When you Stare!

Constantly trying to get it right can be a massive weight to bear when you’re a mother. We are told in various medias how to raise our children, what’s the best product, techniques and guilt filled articles of how you must spend your time with your children.

In all honesty my family and I live with my mother as we try to save for a house, we own plastic brightly coloured toys and love alphabet potatoes. I get frustrated and tired when my children, mainly small but feisty daughter, rebel and revel in craziness but being honest and realistic has to be one of the most important things a mother needs to remember. Staying true and united instead of comparing and silently judging should be a thing of the past.

Have any of you ever found yourself in a cosmic daydream staring at a fellow mother? Are you wondering what she’s all about? Pondering if her house is cleaner than yours, if her children play with just as much plastic crap? Some days it seems as if only my children are being obnoxiously loud and snotty who eat spaghetti out of a tin. But hey, in true Al Pacino style… forget about it!

How many times have you found yourself talking to a unknown mother, your children are similar ages, it begins… milestones, weights, births and sleep patterns are discussed. I have never found this a positive experience, and have gone away feeling deflated and somewhat disheartened that a mother that I don’t even know has questioned my mothering or my child’s development. Now I have a second child I have learnt to quickly nip these conversations in the bud. Not that I’m rude or abrupt as I’m sure mothers do like to share, but I make it well known that my babies when and wherefores needn’t be a topic of discussion.

I cannot lie in saying that I am guilty of imagining where they live and the nice holidays they must go on. Why do I give myself such a hard time when it comes to motherhood? It’s as if I’ve been given a benchmark to follow and feel like I’m failing when I’ve had a tough day. Let’s just be real about things here…

Taking away the aesthetics and polished Instagram feeds, all we are left with is us and our little humans. These little beings unite us in sleepless nights and constant wonder of their beauty. Self doubt and worry plague us all, so less of the stress Mama.

But I am seeing a change, especially on social media. Having a virtual support system to share all your worries, embarrassments, and real life to can slowly bring back your mothering mojo. I look in awe at the magical monochrome and pretty pastels, I know this is not my life… for now anyway. My life is in three rooms and belongings are packed away for the one and only day we have a house of our own. I’ve learnt to embrace the chaos and clutter, no colour co-ordination.

We all have our own mothering woes which link us. In one way or another we welcomed babies into the world, let’s not forget this. Positivity, just like a smile, is contagious – let’s spread it. Let’s help each other out a little, we all have tough days where a little love and encouragement can go along way! I want all of my friends be it close and virtual that I’m there for them. Let’s keep this a positive journey and help each other along the way! Love you beautiful Mamas ❤ Xxx

Feelin’ that “slump”.

You know sometimes there’s a word that just perfectly describes how you are feeling right now? For me the past couple of days have been a “slump”. Is it actually a word? I’ve been feeling a lethargic slump of a lump mama, napping when I can, eating badly, cranky and just all round sluggy.

Now writing this I feel my head has been cleared, I’ve had a long bath and scrubbed and washed. It’s been raining tonight and that’s all I could hear from the window. All is calm and I somehow feel restored and clean again. I’ve been really wanting to exercise more and keep up the healthy and cleaner eating, but sometimes I’m faced with a wall of negativity that seems to get me back into my “slump” again. I would say the more active I am makes me happier, but why is it so easy to talk myself out of it? Why don’t I do a little yoga when Sonnys taking his nap, why don’t I enjoy the beautiful heathland that sits next door to my house? Sometimes life gets in the way but most of the time I think it’s my head. My head likes the easier option of biscuits and television!

I have spoken briefly about having a little time for yourself no matter how small. Sometimes the routine of parenthood can make you feel a little restricted, it’s difficult having to get the same shit done day in and out. Even treating yourself to an early night, going for a walk or an evening soak in the bath can do you the world of good. Sometimes a little quiet, or like me tonight the sound of rain, can replace all the grotty feelings with peace. Recharging yourself when you’ve hit “slump” can be menacing to achieve. Breathe, enjoy the silence, even just for a minute…

A blogging little break!

So some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting various details of my life in blogging format lately. The truth is that life has just got a little busy, between family, work and learning how to drive I end up nodding off in front of the telly rather than typing away. The blogging bean hasn’t been removed from my brain so not to worry, it is still planted in there storing all sorts of questions and quandaries, dramas and events.

At the moment I’m really focusing on my two little crazies and keeping them healthy and active. Sonny has turned into the fruit bat of the family while Luella has gained a massive confidence in herself and is now jumping off anything you can imagine! Sounds pretty nerve racking but it’s amazed me (she says with a twitch).

I am also trying to focus a little more time to me, even just taking a moment of the day for a skin routine, making a nice meal or even sorting the top knot out. This time, no matter how little, is so important if your life gets a little busy. I’m going to start running, and walking whilst carrying the boy. I’m not worried about my body but would like certain places to be a little bit more trimmed. I also need to get back into yoga… for my body and more importantly my mind. Yoga is just the best!

We now have a camper van which Ollie has converted himself, clever bugger, and we have already been adventuring to the Purbecks and Cornwall. Which is just a bloody dream, and something I have always wanted to do. With having Luella at school now going on holidays out of term time is just bonkers money so in to the van we hop and off on our jollies we go. I will share a post on our first holiday in the van soon, I have too many photos to share!

So I’m not entirely sure what I’ve chortling on about but I just wanted to let you know I’m still here and all is well. I feel more is yet to come with my blogs. Whether it be our jolly jaunts or recipes I feel the need to share with you all. I have a new focus and feel really good about it. Please shout if there is anything you would like me to write about or share…. here we go again gang!!! Xxx

My Merry Independent Christmas List!

So with the sound of jingling bells in the near distance, now comes the time when we start thinking about gifts for our little and big loved ones.

Shopping independent at this time of year makes such a difference not only to the makers and creators but the recipient. A little extra love and thought goes into these gifts, the time and process of making and individually packing, multiple post office trips, as well as “normal life” continuing. The little details and sprinkle of care is in my opinion what makes a gift. To heck with the high street, of course we need it, but we also need these lovelies who are buried in wool,bobbles, and mama merch too. So…..

Here’s my little list on some of my favourite independent treasures made with love by wonderful people.

1. Lovely Ink Prints

When it comes to prints I have always been a big fan of the simple but effective and my goodness are these prints wonderfully monochrome, they would be a beautiful little feature in any nursery or playroom. Their hand brushed design makes them completely unique and some items can even be personalised with a name or a special quote. With art prints, milestone cards and Christmas decorations to choose from you won’t be disappointed by this lovely little trove. Don’t get me started on the “baby bear” print. This Mama has just started out on the independent journey so check her out and show her some love!

2. The Munch Store

The Munch Store has a great collection of bobbled hats for Mamas and their little Munches.  Nowadays twinning is definitely winning and this site meets all your twinning needs.  With proceeds from each hat going to Bliss charity which supports babies who are born prematurely or poorly. There are so many fun colours to choose from and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even mix up your colour choices too, making your twinning statement a special one. How’s that for service!

3. Faithful City Knits

Now as you may know my little family and I have quite a thing for hats. You can never have too many in my opinion. This beautiful shop of beautiful hand knitted hats and other wonders has been a favourite of mine for a while now. There are a couple of different designs made with love and toasty thick wool, and are not only made for your little cherubs but for you too. The quality and tasteful colour ways will leave you wanting it all and let’s face it who doesn’t want their baby in a pumpkin hat!

4. Mother Like No Other


Now I’ve only just come across this little store recently and I fell in love straight away. There are only a couple of items for sale but they are great, the retro design drew me in straight away. Representing motherhood without judgement to others with their punchy logo and a donation from each item going to Tommys miscarriage charity, means you’re giving to an amazing cause whist looking great too. I can’t wait to see this company grow and what they next up their sleeve.

5. The Cat In The Shoe

Now this little magic maker is like no other, beautiful hand made textile art in the shape of wonderful creatures. Be it inspired by old children’s stories, nature or a real life person these pieces are so unique you can spot then a mile away. The detail and effort that goes into each order is breathtaking, from cutting out hundreds of mermaid scales to carefully sewing tiny shoes onto these curious characters.  I can honestly say I feel lucky to own a couple of her pieces and they mean the world (or moon in my case) to me.  This busy little bee has made some Christmas decorations that will be sold in her etsy store, but grab one quick as they sell out in minutes!!!

6. A Kind Mama

Now be warned, this Instagram page will leave you licking your lips, tummy rumbling and needing to order! This lovely lady has a bakery stall where she sells her sweet treats, but online orders can also be made for mixed boxes and oh so tasty looking brownies. I’m definitely going to grab a bag of brownie mix for some Christmas indulgence. Plus, did i mention that everything in the shop is VEGAN…HOORAY!!!

7. Colour Me Happy Crayons

This shop is so fun…so all children love crayons but this little stop takes it up a notch or two! What lovely and special stocking fillers would these make? A pack of personalised crayons in various colours will leave your little one learning name recognition as well as enjoying colouring. There are also some lovely little Christmas designs too along with so many other ridiculously sweet ones to choose from!

8. Parker and Posie

I’m completely in love with this shop and these magical little shoes.  A friend had shown me a pair online and I knew I had to have a pair for Sonny.  Coming all the way from Calgary, Canada, these special shoes made their way to me and I wasn’t disappointed…in fact I was in love.  With lots of different colours and patterns to choose from, you’ll be scrolling down this sight dreaming for them all… I know I do!


*Please check with these store when their Christmas shipping is so you don’t miss out!*

So to be honest I could go on and on, but this is a good thing. There are so many lovely independent shops out there but these are my favourites. So check them out, get some ideas, gift away. Let me know what you think…please feel free to add your favourite independent shop too below! Happy Christmas you beautiful bunch! ❤ xxx


Work it Mama!

Theres nothing more saddening than those last remaining few weeks of maternity leave.  You have that impending date in the back of your mind, looming over you like that dirty nappy you forgot to put in the outside bin.

If you are a mother in this situation then take it from me… don’t worry.  Yes there is a bit of juggling to do, the washing doesn’t get done when it should, and you spend your days off in a balance of family time and making sure your house isn’t an example of some awful Channel 4 programme. But there are some positive sides to being a working mother.

1. Lunch Breaks– Imagine a time before children when you could eat a meal in peace, without having to share or answer 20 questions about your sandwich filling. Imagine not having to hide to eat a packet of crisps as you know little ears can hear a rustle from a galaxy away. One of my favourite things about returning to work is having an hour lunch break all to myself, this is my time to sit and do nothing. Blissful hot tea and Grazia magazine are my companions… and yet I find myself looking through my phone staring at pictures of the two gremlins or even ringing mother to ask what they’re doing! Get a grip woman!

2. Adult Conversation- If my conversations that I have with Luella were recorded I think people would either put us on telly or in the looney bin. The questions I get asked on a daily basis i.e. “Why does Snow White have eyes?” makes my time at work appreciate the fact that I am an adult that can have a normal conversation once in a while. I do talk about my children a lot and working in a children and maternity shop, babies are the topic of most of my day. However talking to parents about their little ones is so refreshing, every child is as wonderful and hilarious as the next.

3. Having clean clothes for most of the day- I am lucky if I can escape the house without a smudge of some sort of goo on my work clothes, but if I know Im safe for the remainder of my day. Unless I’ve got a little excited with some tomato soup on my lunch that is, who am I kidding, I’m as clumsy and messy when it comes to food as they are! Thank god for Vanish!

4. Having time to refresh- That time away from your children makes you reflect on your mothering moments, I have time to think about our future plans and generally come home feeling a calmer and more focused mama. There are the days when work can be a little bonkers so a happy welcome when I get home is all I’m after. Their little faces when I walk through the door are priceless. Then I’m back to earth in a crash when a bottom needs attending to, or the boy is pulling at my top needing a feed.

5. Having time to miss them- I go through little phases throughout my day at work, sad when I leave them, relieved when I’ve had a couple of hours away, wondering what they’re doing to poor Nana, remembering how funny they are, wanting to buy them everything from work as I feel guilty that I’ve left them, wanting to catch my bus home in time, being excited that I’m coming up the road to the house… and there “MUMMY!!!” a squeeze from Luella and a goofy laugh from Sonny. A disapproving grumble from Ollie when he sees yet another Jojo bag!

6. Money!!!!!- That you will spend on them never yourself, don’t be silly!
In all seriousness I do imagine life if I didn’t have to go to work, one day maybe I won’t, but as of now I do need to and I know its to better myself and my family. My children, plus my love for my job are what get me on the bus in the morning and I’m so lucky to have that feeling. A bad night’s sleep can be discussed over a hot brew and the day is ready to be conquered. I wish I could sing as well as Dolly but we’ve got this 9-5 covered ladies! ❤ xxx

My Top 5 Breastfeeding Products.

Number 1: Bra – It goes without saying that you really need to look after those puppies before and after your baby arrives. An ill fitting bra can not only cause you discomfort but also cause boobs to go into a lumpy, bumpy painful meltdown, aka blocked milk ducts. As recommended you should get measured for a nursing bra around the 37 weeks mark. It isn’t necessary to buy out the whole shop, just a couple to keep you going through the first few weeks. I bought two multi-sized nursing bras and two night time soft bras, all from Jojo Maman Bebe. The multi-sized bra can be adjusted on the hook and eye to make larger and smaller, seeing as you can go up a cup sized just when you have your let down, these bras can make all the difference when you go from Kate Moss to Katie Price in seconds!

Number 2: Lanolin – I don’t need nor want to go into too much detail with this one but a good nipple cream is a MUST when you’re in your first couple of weeks of feeding and throughout. The good ones are a little pricey but a little goes a hell of a long way and they make all the difference to those oh so sore nips. A lanolin based cream will be the most natural and most needn’t be removed before feeding. I have used the trusty purple tube, Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream, what a life saver!

Number 3: Feeding Tops- As well as the bra situation, you really needn’t go all out at the shops, but I have found owning a couple of nice nursing tops can make feeding ,especially in public, a little easier at times. Again from Jojo, also Vertbaudet and Mothercare, I have prefered the style that have a top panel that you can lift slightly and sneak baby underneath. Depending on your style, there are many different varieties out there and if you ever have the strength to look through ASOS there’s tons on there too!

Number 4: Large Muslins- Now I would recommend these to any expectant mother, nursing or not, these are the bomb!!! My brother bought me a pack of giant muslins from Aden and Anais when Luella was born and we still use them for her to this day. As a handy cover up, buggy shade, swaddle, picnic blanket you got it… they are great and come in so many different colours and patterns. This brand are a little pricey but you can go for more reasonable ones from Jojo, Sophie Le Giraffe and Boden.

Number 5: Pump- Here is another item that you can go bonkers on the pennies over.  I own an Avent electric pump which has lasted two babies and has even been leant to a friend in between.  When Luella was a baby I expressed for 6 weeks, so my pump was my best friend. With Sonny it has got me through engorgement and prepping for my return to work. My pump was bought in a set with bottles and pots so I was set, at the time it was on an amazing offer in Mothercare otherwise it can be quite a pricey decision.

So here they are… I know to many these products are an obvious one, I just wanted to express (no pun intended) my joy for having them in my breastfeeding life ❤ xxx

Breastfeeding and Me.

As it was ‘National Breastfeeding Week’ last week it really got me thinking of my experience with feeding Sonny. Some lovely and some not so lovely moments come to mind…

My breastfeeding journey with my boy has been far from plain sailing. But I was adamant to feed Sonny from the day I found out I was expecting my second. Feeling more relaxed and confident second time round most definitely worked in my favour with feeding him.

Luella was only breastfed for her first two weeks until expressing and formula took over. I remember this being an extremely different decision to make. I was riddled with guilt and saddened that my mind and body were working against me, first time round a new baby is the most exhausting thing to ever experience, as well as getting to know your baby and body. Being reluctant to ask for help, I thought I could do it with ease, and after introducing a bottle to her it changed my life as a new mother, and for the better.

So as I have experienced feeding my babies in both ways, I will not judge what any mother chooses, your body your choice. But with Sonny I just really wanted to give it a second chance and was so thankful I did and persevered. Although we have been happily feeding for over a year now, I’m finding that there’s a negative side to “extended breastfeeding”.

I will add that I realised that this term is not a positive nor normalising one.  The word “extended” in my eyes means longer than needed, or originally necessary.  Breastfeeding gives your child love and nutrition no matter how long for. I don’t know the facts and statistics, all I know is that I’ve done what seems right for me, yet I have fed for longer than I thought I would and am pleased I have done so.

I wouldn’t have got through those horrendous times without my lactation consultant, even a slight change in positioning made my excruciating time a much happier tale. Tubes of lanolin never left my side as well as muslins and pads. (Top feeding products coming soon…).  The saddest part to this is that the wonderful woman who helped me and so many others lost her job through lack of funding, a true travesty if you ask me! But all settled after a toe curling first few weeks, and with only a couple of feverish hiccups along the way, we are now left here feeding in the morning and night. Settled into a routine of two morning feeds, late afternoon, bedtime and one (hopefully) nighttime.

I continuously joke when I say I will feed Sonny till he’s ten, but I am asked “how long will you continue?” so much that this is my go to response. Why is there so much positivity and drive to breastfeed your new baby, and not so much the other end? I do not know how long I will feed him for, who knows when and why our journey will stop but for now we are just fine the way we are. I realise returning to work will have an effect as we won’t be joined at the hip/jugs all day but if I can tackle being a breastfeeding working mother then bloody well go me, and apart from the odd swollen boob on a shift all is well!

I have heard other mothers touch on this subject too and that’s why I’m writing this… For those mothers out there who are being questioned the same as I am, and also for the folk who are asking this little heart sinking question. First of all that this choice should be made by no other than you or your child. Normalising breastfeeding is definitely getting some amazing press around the world so showing a little more thought and grace, being intrigued is one thing but no negative vibes here please! Social media is a wonderful thing for these mama warriors to bravely make the most powerful statements in just one photo, I truly admire them.But there should be more eduction given to new mothers that you don’t have to stop when people tell you you should, or when they think is the “normal” time to stop.

Sonny has grown up so quickly that I feel it’s a little part of him keeping him small and looking after him the best I possibly can. He is slowly getting used to a bottle now and again but putting that extra pressure on me and him isn’t necessary for the moment. I have nowhere to be at nighttime and first thing in the morning so let’s just see how it goes! I’m proud of myself that I’ve got this far so whatever day we decided it’s time to hang up that nursing bra then I’ll be heavy heartedly happy.

Being a mother is a wonderful thing, let’s not judge or question. Let’s all just remember how bloody great boobs are and the ladies behind them!!! ❤ xxx

All or Nothing

I’m sat here with “Sophia the First” on in the background, Luella happily chirping in my ear asking God knows how many questions. The washing machine beeping like the third child in the house calling for help, I’m not even dressed and to be perfectly honest I can’t be bothered. My mismatch of nightwear is simply terrifying (leopard print fleecy bottoms are involved!) and I most probably/definitely should jump in the shower!

Why do I have these days? And why are there some days that I could conquer the world before 8 o’clock?

Today is slow but frustrating, I know I need to get up off my butt and clean something. I’ve now gone upstairs to get dressed, yet truth be told I will be sat on my bed for 10 minutes before any dressing takes place. I know I should have days like these to “take it easy” especially as I’ve had some VERY early rises in the past couple of weeks. All thanks to Sonny’s new shiny peg! But I’m feeling unsatisfied and irritable, like there’s a ball of stress in my brain that needs to be blown away.

Let’s just focus on the little things perhaps, make beds, make some sort of effort with my… everything, maybe venture to the shop for a loaf of bread. Has overtiredness got the better of me or is it stress? What ever it is, this headache needs to bugger off! Maybe it’s the weather, the moon, the fact that I have a blocked milk duct or just 11 months of broken sleep finally catching up on me. I’ve blamed this feeling on needed glasses one too many times.

If I’d describe my personality I would say I’m definitely enthusiastic and positive about life and most things… To be honest this can be quite the burden to keep up, especially on a day when bed seems like a holiday (especially with your gross pj bottoms) and nothing gets done. I know I have spoken previously about slowing down and enjoying the little things in life, and not giving yourself such a hard time. But the truth is once you are in a mind frame like this it’s a bloody tricky one to shake off, but its ok, tomorrow is a new day and all that!

On a “super mama” day I feed off nervous energy, flying around in all directions taking multitasking to the extreme. With me there’s no middle man at the moment, it’s either all or nothing! Should I just embrace the “crap” days? Put a film on and eat a whole packet of biscuits with my babies? Or force myself to do something I quite frankly just don’t want to do?

Snap out of it lady, have a glass of water (apparently the solution to most things!). Find your favourite dungarees and shove that famous bow in your hair… Maybe in a minute eh? … ZZZzzz. ❤ xxx