Kit and Kin Review


So the joyous ritual of nappy changing has been one that brings many different feelings to me… sometimes shock, sometimes despair, sometimes high amusement. But I’d say through all of these feelings there has always been a niggle in the back of my mind, a little niggle of guilt. In all honesty I’ve been brushing the dreadful facts of disposable nappies under the crumb ridden rug.

I have used cloth and have had my ups and downs, mainly using in the summer when Sonny wears less clothes and can be pottering around at home. But for ease and mainly convenience I have used supermarket nappies for both of my children. The thought gives me the heebie-jeebies when I think of how many nappies we have gone through. Where are they now?

Is now the time to start being responsible for my actions as a mother and the long term effects my lifestyle leaves with the planet? Especially as we now know so much more about our precious world and how something that seems so small to us can have dire consequences on nature and the environment as a whole.

Coming across a company that focuses its aim on making nappies and baby products that are far better for our environment and cruelty free is a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I realise there have been other companies around but this one has sure enough grabbed my attention and I’m so pleased it has!

Drum roll please…

Kit and Kin are an eco-friendly company that provide nappies, and other cruelty free products designed for mother and babe. Their real magic lies with their nappies, that are far more kinder to the planet than your normal disposable one. Instead of taking 500 years to biodegrade!!! (Yes that’s right!) These little beauties only take 3-6 years, plus they come in the most ridiculously cute designs for your baby’s butt ranging from a fox to a panda!


I have been using these nappies for a number of weeks now and they are definitely built to survive my terror tots rambunctious rampaging, without any leaks or escaping surprises. Winner all round! His skin is happy and so is my conscience. I also realise that the price difference between these nappies and a “normal” brand is something that people would think about, but for me that little bit extra a month I have to pay for the much shorter time my nappies sit on the planet is worth it to me.


There are a load of purchasing options with their products, from bundles to even a monthly subscription, where you receive a month’s supply of nappies delivered free to your door. Every 10 subscribers leads to an acre of rainforest being protected through The World Land Trust, a charity that prides itself on preserving land in order to protect vulnerable species in the wild.

This company also has a co-founder like no other… in the shape of ‘Baby Spice’ herself Emma Bunton (she was always my fav!). What a babe!!!

Finding a new product that puts your mind at ease with being environmentally friendly as well as practical and hard wearing is just wonderful! Kit and Kin, you’re magic and you’ve made me love my boys scrummy butt even more!!!




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