Feelin’ that “slump”.

You know sometimes there’s a word that just perfectly describes how you are feeling right now? For me the past couple of days have been a “slump”. Is it actually a word? I’ve been feeling a lethargic slump of a lump mama, napping when I can, eating badly, cranky and just all round sluggy.

Now writing this I feel my head has been cleared, I’ve had a long bath and scrubbed and washed. It’s been raining tonight and that’s all I could hear from the window. All is calm and I somehow feel restored and clean again. I’ve been really wanting to exercise more and keep up the healthy and cleaner eating, but sometimes I’m faced with a wall of negativity that seems to get me back into my “slump” again. I would say the more active I am makes me happier, but why is it so easy to talk myself out of it? Why don’t I do a little yoga when Sonnys taking his nap, why don’t I enjoy the beautiful heathland that sits next door to my house? Sometimes life gets in the way but most of the time I think it’s my head. My head likes the easier option of biscuits and television!

I have spoken briefly about having a little time for yourself no matter how small. Sometimes the routine of parenthood can make you feel a little restricted, it’s difficult having to get the same shit done day in and out. Even treating yourself to an early night, going for a walk or an evening soak in the bath can do you the world of good. Sometimes a little quiet, or like me tonight the sound of rain, can replace all the grotty feelings with peace. Recharging yourself when you’ve hit “slump” can be menacing to achieve. Breathe, enjoy the silence, even just for a minute…..xxx


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