Sonnys Favourite Dinners!

sonnyWhen the time had finally come to wean my not so little baby boy I was so excited to experiment with yummy recipes.

There are different ways to wean and everyone has a preferred method.  Whether you choose baby led, pureed food or just starting with baby rice, my personal preference was a little bit of everything letting him discover the wonderful world of food.

These recipes are for pureed food suitable for 7 months + as they are quite lumpy.  I have always found making a big batch worthwhile and amazing when Sonny turns into a massive hungry grump! My collection of IKEA ice cube trays has come in handy, just pop a few out and heat up! Sometimes I add a little water and baby rice to make it go further.

So here are a few of moose’s favourites ….

Sonny’s Bean Stew

1 Can of mixed bean salad

2 Sweet Potatoes

1 Courgette

1 Carrot

A couple of broccoli stems

Half a tin of toms

Starting off with the sweet potatoes and carrots, simmer gently until they start to go soft. Then goes in the beans (give them a good rinse!), broccoli and courgette. Give these roughly 5 minutes. Once you’re happy with their softness, drain off and add the tomatoes. Leave to simmer through on a low heat for a further 5-10 minutes!

Then …. Blitz blitz blitz! Portion up and VOILA!!!

Not so Chilli Con Carne

1/2 Can of kidney beans

1 1/2 Courgettes

1 Carrot

A couple of broccoli stems

50g Giant cous cous

Half a tin of toms

Pinch of oregano

This one is very similar to the “Sonnys Bean Stew” but instead of mixed beans just go for half a tin of kidney beans.  Leave out the sweet potato and add a little more courgette.  I have really found a love for giant cous cous in my children’s cooking, so I add a big old handful (about 50g) to this mix once all has cooked.  To finish add a pinch of oregano… Yum yum!

Fruity Tooty Crumble

4 apples

4 pears

Big handful of blueberries

2 heaped tablespoons of porridge oats

So this pud is super easy peasy!  After peeling and chopping the fruit, gently simmer the apples and pears in shallow water. Once they start to soften throw in the blueberries and oats.  Start giving them a stir around and this is when you’ll notice the berries going all gooey.

Depending on how thick you want the consistency is all down to blitz or mash? I tend to just use a fork to make it a bit lumpy, or you can use the trusty blitzer.

Sonny is also very partial to a houmous sarnie too, so don’t think it has to be purees all the way.

Hope you and your little one enjoy! I will add a few more recipes at a later date.

Be a bit brave and adventurous when it comes to mixing flavours, and add a touch of herbs too!