My Survival Guide to Meltdowns!

So there comes a time in our little cherubs’ lives when they start rebelling and thinking on their own two feet. This time may become quite a shock to us all, and if you have read my previous article you may know who I’m referring to again in this one…

Here are a few of my survival tips for when you feel a meltdown brewing or when it just smacks you in the face!!! (sometimes literally!)

Step One “Distraction” – When I feel a tiz waz brewing, especially when tiredness is involved, I find the art of distraction can be just enough to get us through. Whether it is a quick change of conversation, something exciting or funny, a little sit down with a book or let’s face it, the rectangular saviour on which DVDs can be shown. Obviously when we are out I always try to use this method first – “Oh wow!!!! Have you seen what’s over there…?” With this one you have to follow though with something great otherwise it may add fuel to the fire. Which leads me into a panic of “crap think of something great!!!” Defusing the situation before it turns into something can feel great.

Step Two “Bribery” – Use this one with care. A bribe can be used again as a little defusing distraction, but be realistic here. Offer a little something such as trip to the swings, doing some colouring, baking or watching something they like. Most of the time all they need is some quality hang-outs. You will both feel much better at the end of the day if you know that you have spent some lovely time together.

Step Three “Food” – My little lady can turn into the Tazmanian devil when she gets hungry, so first things first… “Would you like a little snack?” Healthier options are always first on the offering but sometimes get cleverly ignored. This is where I keep a little stash hidden away, mainly in the shape of a Kinder Egg! Extra points if it has someone cool in it… But please proceed with caution as they maybe a duplicate toy hidden inside or they may be tears if it falls apart. We have had a couple of “pastel pony” near meltdowns recently.
Also please do not think that I just give my child treats if she’s playing up. A hungry small person can resemble Oscar the Grouch. So again avoidance is key.

Step Four “Just roll with it” – Of course there are times when their behaviour has to be dealt with. For me, the wonderful moment of my protesting gremlin in Bournemouth high street, after I had said “no” to something. Firstly I was super proud of myself with keeping my cool and awkwardly smiling at members of the general public as they gasped with the sheer volume of such a little lady! If I could’ve high fived myself I would’ve. Sticking to your guns when you have said “no” can be a tricky one. But persevere with it, who cares who’s staring and if they don’t sympathise with your situation then off with their heads!!! No matter how stressful it can be I guarantee when you tell friends and family they WILL laugh about it… Therefore making you find the funny side.

Step Five “Pick your battles” – I completely believe in this one here! Times when I’m feeling tired or not quite up for a shout off, I do resort to just giving in. Unless behaviour has been particularly untoward then I will stir up the strength to deal with it accordingly.  Just some quiet reflecting time on their own can help too. Angry little ears don’t listen to what’s right or wrong, so when all has calmed down I will reason and explain why all has gone bonkers.  Using some of those classic old Super Nanny methods. Boom!

And… When all else fails resort to using toilet humour, the word “bum” can go a long way in my house, hide in the loo till all has settled or just consume some liquid de-stresser (but not before 5 guys!).

So here we are at the end of my survival guide. I hope you can all relate to this in some way or another and stay strong … these little crazies can get the better of us at times!!! Xxx