Small but… Oh so feisty!!!

I’m sure I am definitely not the first, or last, to be in utter shock at the way my child behaves sometimes. But I have been shown every meaning of the word “sass” by my 4 year old daughter in the past few months.

I have two wonderful little humans in my life. Luella being 4 and Sonny who’s 9 months. They are worlds apart in their personalities already, and having a little brother here to stay has definitely added to the “sass”!

I have gone from having comments of “she’ll grow out of it” to “she’ll be a strong independent woman when she grows up”. Dealt with the Armageddon of all meltdowns and incredibly frustrating comprises.

Most of the time I truly adore the little lady she’s turning into, her humour and spark is wonderful, but there are times when it is just exhausting.

There is definitely some pressure put on when people tell me never to suppress her personality or tell her to behave in a different way because I will be thankful for it when she is older. But what if her behaviour isn’t nice or she’s being a little too outspoken? There can be fine line between her assertiveness and being a little rude. Her brain is so switched on I am completely baffled by what comes out of her mouth at times, which can make a little telling off into a teenage like row between us both. I have learnt that shouting at my daughter will only result in her shouting even louder back to me and reasoning can be a long and tiresome affair.  Her little over active mind causes night terrors but that’s another story…

My mum says that there are traits of a little me in there but never to this extent. I have already apologised to my mother for I everything I put her through! Sorry Mama!!!

It is amazing to have such a little firecracker that can handle her own in the playground and can tame a whole group of boys at nursery but bloody heck is it a challenge!

Which leaves me with this… Are we now raising the next generation of strong ladies??? If so bring it on!!!


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